Every potentially mind-twisting horror, every hidden truth that man was not meant to know, has a Madness rating that delineates the potential of that hideous thing to unhinge the human mind. Characters roll to prevent Sanity Loss when:

  • They witness a unique supernatural phenomenon for the first time. (Roll 3 Dice)
  • Following any period when the player was not responsible for character action. (Roll 4 Dice)
  • Whenever they undeniably come face-to-face with a supernatural creature. (Roll 3 Dice)
  • … multiple supernatural creatures. (Roll 2 Dice)
  • … a singularly powerful creature. i.e. An Antediluvian, or a True Fae (Roll 2 Dice)
  • … an Eldritch horror. i.e. Cthulhu, Shub-Niggurath, Azathoth (Roll 1 Die)
  • When they witness an ally fill their last hit box with lethal damage. (Roll 4 Dice)
  • When they read certain truths about the universe that were meant to be left unlearned. (Roll 2 Dice)
  • “Jump scares” (Roll 5 Dice)

Willpower may not be used in an attempt to maintain Sanity.

When a character loses a point of Sanity they roll on the table below to see how their insanity manifests. If the roll would duplicate an effect they are already suffering upgrade their Mild Mania to a Severe Mania of the same row number.

Mild Mania (1d10 + 4 minutes)

1 faints (N/A)
2 flees in panic (N/A)
3 laughing or crying (- 2 on all social rolls)
4 babbling incoherently (unable to speak)
5 shock or awe (movement becomes 0 ft)
6 homicidal or suicidal mania (-2 to all rolls without violence)
7 halluciantions or delusions (+2 on all Wits rolls)
8 echopraxia or echolalia (investigator does/says what other people tell them to do)
9 strange or deviant eating desire (dirt, slime, cannibalism, etc.)
10 stupor (oblivious to all events)

If a player loses their last point of Sanity roll on the table below and assign a Severe Mania instead of a Mild Mania. This severe mania becomes a permanent feature of the character and may resurface if something triggers a memory of the instance in which the character lost their last Sanity point.

Severe Mania (1d10 x 10 hours)

1 amnesia (-5 on all Intelligence checks)
2 severe phobia (-5 on any action when near phobia)
3 hallucinations (+5 on all Wits rolls)
4 anxiety (-2 on all actions, you may not use Willpower)
5 schizophrenia (-2 on all social rolls)
6 uncomfortable tics or tremors (-5 on Dexterity rolls)
7 psychomatic blindness or deafness (-5 on all Wits rolls)
8 multiple personality (treat white attribute dots as black dots and vice-versa)
9 paranoia (-2 on all social rolls)
10 hysteria (-3 on all rolls, everything should prompt nervous laughter)

Characters regain one point of Sanity when:

  • They achieve an extraordinary success without using willpower.
  • They stabilize a dying character.
  • They undergo professional psychiatric counseling for one month.
  • They talk through their problems with group therapy for at least 4 months.


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