Sanity Loss, Roll 2 Dice.

The creature’s body looks like a huge, dense mucus with the consistency of an overcooked pudding. An interior skeleton can be seen poking through the body from time to time while three great vents, closed by wrinkly lips, rhythmically aspirate the monster puffing, wheezing sounds.

Ten human legs, all children’s, though of various colors and sizes, rim the lower part of the body, providing it with locomotion, while the 15 chubby little arms encircling the upper side of its body writhe about, grasping at nothing.

The thing is quite featureless except for a wet circular mouth located on the creature’s underside that gurgles and coos softly, in a way that resembles the sounds a human baby makes. The creature frequently stops to squat and scour the floor with wet sucking noises, searching for food.

The thing’s waste products are passed out of its digestive system via a sphincter opening atop the center of the monster’s body, much like that of a sea urchin. A near continuous stream of foul-smelling brown goo issues from this hole.

The thing’s whimpering child-thing will follow the intruders about the basement, looking for food. If fed (and the creature will only accept raw flesh) it will prove somewhat amiable, if clumsy. However, at its current stage of development it requires regular feedings and if denied food for more than twenty-four hours it will turn vicious and attack and eat any investigator that comes near it.

If Man-Bagari sees an open door, it attempts to escape the house, running down the street with great curiosity and enthusiasm, grabbing at things and trying to evade any attackers. However, it can recognize its foster father, Mr. Corbitt, and will obey his commands as long as they are simple and clearly stated.

Attributes: Strength 8, Dexterity 3, Stamina 17, Presence 1, Manipulation 1, Composure 1, Intelligence 3, Wits 1, Resolve 1
Skills: Athletics 1, Brawl 2
Willpower: 2
Initiative: 4
Size: 8
Speed: 8
Dodge DV: 1
Mental DV: 1
Soak: 17B / 8L / 0A
Health: 25
Attacks: +10



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