Derrick Johnson

Slick Entrepreneur


Stable 1/Dedicated 1/Charismatic 1
Background: Entrepreneur
HP: 15
AC: 13
PB: +2

STR: 11

  • Prev: 2
    DEX: 16 (P)
  • Prev: 4
    CON: 10
  • Prev: 2
    INT: 12
  • Prev: 2
    WIS: 14
  • Prev 3
    CHA: 14
  • Prev: 2
    SAN: 8 (P)
  • Prev: 2

Improved Intuition: +3 uses/long of Intuition


Light Armor
Simple Weapons
Personal Firearms

Arcana (E)
Persuasion (E)


  • Veil of Sanity: Immune to SAN checks from seeing spells/miracles
  • Tolerance for Terror: Automatically succeed SAN checks DC 10 or less
  • Inspiration: Cha Mod/long. Bonus. Target ally within 60ft may add 1d6 to the result of a die roll of their choice within 10 minutes.
  • Leader: Cha Mod/long. Action. Target ally within 60ft may make an attack with their reaction immediately
  • Intuition: 4/long. Free. May ask DM True/False or Yes/No question to which the DM must answer truthfully.
  • Expertise: Gain double proficiency on (chosen:) Arcana and Persuasion


  • Guidance

1rst Level:

  • Summon Greater Demon

Without his psychometry to distance himself from others, the Derrick of this world became a rather successful Entrepreneur with the approval of his parents. With a mischievous streak, a knack for thinking outside the box, and a flaming passion for his work, he seemed unstoppable. However, he has recently begun to have “episodes” after touching things. Other saw this as him becoming dizzy and unresponsive for a period of time, but Derrick himself knew better. He was having vivid “hallucinations” regarding objects he touched. On checking on these visions, he realized they were true. He began delving into understanding his powers in an attempt to better assess his “affliction” and perhaps turn it into an advantage…

Enter our Derrick.

Derrick Johnson

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