Addictive Substances


Addicted (Persistent):
Your character is addicted to something, whether drugs, gambling or other destructive behaviors. Some addictions are more dangerous than others, but the nature of addiction is that it slowly takes over your life, impeding functionality. If you are addicted, you need to indulge your addiction regularly to keep it under control. A specific addiction should be chosen upon taking this Condition; characters can take this Condition multiple times for different addictions. Being unable to feed your addiction can result in the Deprived Condition.
Resolution (optional): Achieve an Exceptional Success on a Sanity Roll

Deprived (Temporary):
Your character suffers from an addiction. She is unable to get her fix, however, leaving her irritable, anxious, and unable to focus. Remove one from her Stamina, Resolve, and Composure dice pools. This does not influence derived traits; it only influences dice pools that use these Attributes.
Resolution: Your character indulges her addiction.


Below are a list of substances your character may indulge in or suffer an addiction to.


Penalty: Subtract one die from any Dexterity-, Intelligence- and Wits-based dice pools for every drink your character consumes in excess of his Stamina in an hour. (Defense is also reduced accordingly.) If your character critically fails a roll they black out.
Bonus: Meanwhile, Social rolls can gain a +1 bonus per drink (maximum +3). If your character is a mean drunk, turn this modifier into a Social penalty and temporarily eliminate wound penalties equal to the number of drinks you’ve consumed in excess of your Stamina.
Duration: These effects fade at the rate of one die per hour until all the alcohol is purged from your character’s system.


Penalty: Lose one die from any Dexterity-, Intelligence-, Resolve- and Wits-based dice pools for every hit your character takes from a joint or bong within an hour. (Defense is also reduced accordingly.)
Bonus: You gain a one die bonus on Sanity checks for every hit you take within an hour.
Duration: This effect fades completely an hour after the last toke, unless your character continues to “medicate” himself.


Penalty: All dice pools lose one to three dice and traits such as Defense lose one to three points depending on the strength of the hallucinogen. Your character may experience confusing, frightening or enraging hallucinations, although he may manage to realize that they exist only in his drugged mind. (Roll Intelligence + Streetwise or Empathy, with the -1 to -3 penalty in place, to gain any such “clarity,” after which Stamina + Resolve rolls can be made to resist the effects.)
Bonus: Composure is likely to be affected by a “trip,” with a bonus depending on whether your character hallucinates when he sees anything, or he assumes that anything he sees is a hallucination. He might see an ordinary person and interpret her as a monster, or see a monster and interpret her as an ordinary person.
Duration: The effects of hallucinogens persist for (8 minus Stamina) hours.

Cocaine / Crack / Speed

Penalty: Your character becomes edgy and paranoid suffering – 1 to all Social-based rolls for each dose they take. Make a Resolve + Composure roll with an adjusted dice pool versus becoming Addicted.
Bonus: Your character gains +1 on Physical-based rolls for each dose they take.
Duration: The effects persist for (8 minus Stamina) hours.

Heroin / Morphine / Barbiturates

Penalty: You enter a dreamy state. All dice pools and Resistance traits such as Defense are reduced by two during that time.
Bonus: Pain subsides (all wound penalties are ignored). In addition you do not fall unconscious from Bashing Damage unless you fail a Stamina + Resolve roll. (Roll once each round with reduced die pool. Continue while character remains conscious with Lethal Damage).
Duration: The effects persist for (8 minus Stamina) hours.

Addictive Substances

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