The Fitzgerald Mansion


House Sounds

The house is a large silent thing, shuttered and brooding; cobwebbed by ivy, masked by trees and caressed by the wind.

It is obviously well constructed to have withstood the march of time thus far.

Wits + Science identifies that the entire house is built at a slight slant making it seem oddly crooked.

The house has two floors, with doors in front and back.

The front door waits atop a short flight of steps. It is carved of oak into images of lions wreathed in foliage, the fine brass knocker is cold to the touch.

The back door is much simpler and less assuming.

A Wits + Investigation discovers cellar doors covered in fallen leaves and plants. The door refuses to open.

1896 The House is built by John Fitzgerald, Sr. and his wife Emily.
1931 John and Emily Fitzgerald die in an automobile accident. The house is willed to their eldest son John Fitzgerald, Jr.
1942 John Fitgerald, Jr. dies in the Battle of Midway in the Pacific Theater. The house is inherited by his widow Winifred.
1951 Winifred Fitzgerald is admitted by her son Christopher to the Southwestern Insane Asylum for displaying aberrant behavior and delusions. The estate passes to Christopher.
1955 Winifred Fitzgerald suicides by hanging herself.
1956 Yancy Fitzgerald returns home from the Vietnam War suffering from “chronic & gross stress reactions.” Yancy later kills his entire family with a hunting rifle.
1957 Martin Ainsfield and family purchase the house.
Debt forces Martin Ainsfield and family to sell house.
Christopher Curwen, his wife, and three children purchase the house with a sudden influx of inherited money.
1986 The Curwen family is found murdered in the house. Christopher Curwen goes missing.
1989 Henry and Martha Franklin, an elderly couple with no heirs, buys the house.
2002 Martha Franklin dies of ovarian cancer at home while under hospice care.
2009 Henry Franklin dies of an apparent heart attack in the house.
2010 Arthur Cornwaite purchases the house at auction.
2014 Arthur Cornwaite is away from his home for over a year on a trip to South America.
2016 Present

The Fitzgerald Mansion

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