Derrick Johnson

The Psychic Rebel


Derrick Johnson
Virtue: Cautious
Vice: Anger

Mental Physical Social
Intelligence 2 Strength 2 Presence 2
Wits 3 Dexterity 4 Manipulation 2
Resolve 2 Stamina 2 Composure 2
Investigation 2
Occult 5
Athletics 2
Larceny 3
Stealth 3
Weaponry 3
Empathy 2
Streetwise 2
Intimidation 1
Specialty Associated Skill
Knives Weaponry
Psychometry Occult
Picking Locks Larceny
Psychometry 3
Fame (Supernatural Investigators) 1
Parkour 1
Fighting Finesse 2
Light Weapons 2
Tolerance for Biology 1
Advantage Calculation Total
Physical Defense Lowest of Dex or Wits 3
Mental Defense Lowest of Resolve or Composure 2
Speed Strength + Dexterity + Size 11
Initiative Dexterity + Composure 6
Willpower Resolve + Composure 4
Sanity Resolve + Composure 2/4
Armor Equipment 1/0
Equipment Stats Notes
Switchblade 1L I don’t like looking at it. I like not having it around even less.
Leather Jacket Armor 1/0 It’s padded both so I look bigger and it hurts less when I get kicked in the ribs.
Salt They say this keeps spirits away. It also makes dumpster food more palatable, but I guess I don’t have to worry about that anymore.
EMF Detector I keep this around because people expect it of us now. It works a bit, but I have better ways.
Gloves Keeps me from accidentally touching things… or people. I don’t like touching.
Flashlight You know what’s worse than the episodes? Having them on accident because you bump into something.
Lock Picks + 1 I pieced this together over the years. They’re better than nothing but not professional grade.
Duffel Bag I carry all my equipment in here. I keep the lock picks under the bottom board.

derrick.jpg While not an intentional addition to the family, Derrick was a reluctantly welcome one. Born into a rising family in academia, Derrick Johnson looked like he had a promising future ahead of him. While not as smart as his sister, Mikaela, Derrick had a knack for thinking quickly on his feet that served him well. However, when he was twelve years old, Derrick started having “episodes”. He would touch things and start saying things that made no sense. He would describe vivid and sometimes terrifying hallucinations. He was convinced that what he was seeing was real, but his family would hear none of it. After several medications, some with harsh side effects, his parents started ostracizing him. They would find excuses for him to stay away from family get-togethers. They would leave him out of family photos. Then, one day when he was 15, Derrick simply left.

Life was hard on the streets. Derrick was often the subject of harassment and violence due to his lack of street sense, fake bravado, and strange experiences. He learned to run away from encounters, but nearly died when he tried to vault over one of his assailants and ended up touching their jacket, causing an episode. After that he saved up his money and bought a switchblade and a pair of gloves. He doesn’t like talking about what he’s had to do with that blade, but from his demeanor he’s had to do more than he’s comfortable with. The gloves have been relatively successful at stopping further episodes.

Since he left home, Derrick has been researching the occult with fierce interest attempting to figure out what his episodes are. His personal library of the occult is a sight to behold. At the age of nineteen, he felt like he had a firm understanding of what psychometry was. It wasn’t until he brought this up with Gulf Coast Investigations that he discovered he wasn’t just a psychometer, he was quite possibly one of the most gifted psychometers in the western hemisphere. He was offered a job after only a few demonstrations of his ability and knowledge. Now Gulf Coast Investigations uses Derrick not only to show that psychic phenomenon exist, but to investigate high priority cases with obvious supernatural involvement.

Derrick hears his sister is an astronaut now…

Derrick Johnson

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