Gonzales "Gonzo" St. Gabriel

Physical Score Social Score Mental Score
Strength 1 Presence 2 Intelligence 3
Dexterity 2 Manipulation 2 Wits 2
Stamina 3 Composure 3 Resolve 3
Physical Skill Points Specialty Social Skill Points Specialty Mental Skill Points Specialty
Athletics 1 Animal Ken 2 Academics 2
Brawl Empathy 5 Derangements Computer 2
Drive 1 Expression Craft
Firearms 1 Intimidation Investigation 4 Crime Scenes
Larceny Persuasion Medicine 2
Stealth Socialize 1 Public Speaking Occult 2
Survival 1 Streetwise Politics
Weaponry Subterfuge Science 2
Advantage Score
Defense: 2
Mental Defense: 3
Size: 5
Max Health: 8
Initiative: 5
Max Willpower: 6
Memory: 6
Perception: 5
Sanity: 6
Gear/Field Investigation Kit
Item Notes
12 Tabs of Acid Crutch as much as boon.
Leather Medical Bag Eyebrows were raised at the fanny pack.
Mag Lite Doubles as a paperweight. Never had to bludgeon anyone with it.
Change of clothes Sometimes there’s… oh god… so much blood.
Evidence Collection Kit Baggies, screw top containers, scraping tool, tweezers, etc.
Extra latex gloves So MUCH BLOOD.
Dog treats On better days, there’s dogs instead of blood. On really shitty days, there’s both.
Recording Device When you black out occasionally it’s a good habit to narrate your thoughts and actions.
High End Smartphone 32G storage, 12 megapixel camera, 4 extra 128G micro SD cards.
Compass Yes there’s an app on the phone but as yet there is little wi-fi in the ass-end of nowhere.
Books Mostly field guides like “What’s safe to eat in the forest when your bad trip sends you on a vision quest into unfamiliar woods.”
Notebook and pen Sometimes you see something that’s easier to draw than narrate.
First Aid Kit Acetaminophen, ibuprofen, bandages, sprain wraps, wound tape, shitty stitch needle and suture, lighter, disinfectant spray, calamine lotion, dramamine, extra flashlight, thermometer, cold compress, non-latex gloves, skin glue, gauze, etc.
Dark sunglasses Dark circles under eyes apparently don’t scream “confess to the murder.”
Stopwatch Set at the beginning of an investigation, making it easier to track lost time or measure blackouts.
A gun Legally registered, because except for the drugs, Gonzo is a law-abiding citizen.
Merit: Description Total: 8
Mind of a Madman Your character gets deep into the skin of problems. If she’s investigating a crime or other phenomenon, she can put herself in the mind of the culprit. This often helps with the case. However, it takes her to a dark place internally.
Once she’s made the choice to sink into the culprit’s mindset (which usually involves intense meditation or perusal of the culprit’s crimes), she gains 8-again on all rolls to investigate, pursue, and stop the culprit.
Drawback: Your character is naturally unhinged and comes unglued from reality much more easily. They suffer – 1 to all rolls preventing Sanity loss.
Area of Expertise: Crime scenes Your character is uncommonly specialized in one area. Choose a Specialty to assign to this Merit. Forgo the +1 bonus afforded by a Specialty in exchange for a +2. 1
Educated: Empathy Your character has extensive training in a particular field. Choose a skill. When making a roll with this skill, your character benefits from the 9-again quality. Additionally, your character may spend a point of Willpower before any roll involving their skill they educated in to make the roll a rote action.
This merit may be taken multiple times. Each time it is taken choose a new skill to apply it to.
Encyclopedic Knowledge: Occult Choose a Skill. Due to an immersion in academia, pop culture, or obsession with a hobby, your character has collected limitless factoids about the topic, even if she has no dots in the Skill.
You can make an Intelligence + Wits roll at any time your character is dealing with her area of interest. On a successful roll, the Storyteller must give a relevant fact or detail about the issue at hand. Your character knows this fact, but you must explain within the scope of your character’s background why she knows it. For example, for Encyclopedic Knowledge: Medicine: “Do you remember that time on that show, when the doctor said it doesn’t manifest before puberty?”
Interdisciplinary Specialty: Derangements Choose a Specialty that your character possesses when you purchase this Merit. You can apply the +1 from that Specialty on any Skill with at least one dot, provided it’s justifiable within the scope of the fiction. For example, a doctor with a Medicine Specialty in Anatomy may be able to use it when targeting a specific body part with Weaponry, but could not with a general strike. 1

Virtue: Dedicated
Gonzo works very hard to protect others, especially innocents, from the awful things he’s seen.

Vice: Addicted
Gonzo first turned to drugs as a way to open his mind to the hidden possibilities of the cosmos. He then observed that they were also useful for softening the sharp, cutting edges of reality. His preferred fix is LSD.


gonzo.jpg Gonzo was emotionally abused by his mother as a child. She saw him and his two brothers as inconveniences in the way of a burgeoning social life. In fact, her marriage was inconvenient, too. After Gonzo voiced his disapproval of her last affair, she made good on her promise to leave Gonzo’s father and take Gonzo’s younger brother with her. The last time Gonzo saw his baby brother, Daniel, was when he was twelve, telling the judge in custody court that yes, he really would rather spend his childhood with a bipolar father than his delusional and selfish bitch of a mother.

Mom remarried a “nice guy” named Miles who turned out to be a werewolf with very little control. Gonzo tried to visit once, to say he was sorry and wanted to see Danny. The kid needed some normal if he was going to turn out okay.
Gonzo still remembers the squelch and the stink, and picking cold bits of Danny off the ceiling before a neighbor heard the wailing and the cops pulled him out of the house.

Since then, Gonzo doesn’t find much joy in life. He doesn’t have – and doesn’t want – a family. Loved ones are liabilities, and the fewer you have, the less the ubiquitous “they” can take from you. But Gonzo does want to keep others from being broken, lonely, and hollow – like he is.

Gonzales "Gonzo" St. Gabriel

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