Beth Taylor

Charming Bar Fly

General Info
Full Name Age Height Weight Hair Color Eye Color Virtue Vice
Karen Elizabeth Taylor 36
5’ 5" 133 lbs Light Brown Blue Honest Addicted (Alcohol)
Character Build
Attributes Skills Advantages
- 3 Unskilled
- 1 Unskilled
- 1 Unskilled
Defense 1
Intelligence 2 Mental Defense 2
Strength 2 Academics 2 Athletics 0 Animal Ken 0 Size 5
Presence 1 Computer 0 Brawl 1 Empathy
+ Motives
3 Max Health 8
Wits 3 Craft 0 Drive 1 Expression
+ Acting
3 Initiative + 4
Dexterity 1 Investigation 3 Firearms 0 Intimidation 1 Speed 8
Manipulation 4 Medicine 0 Larceny 2 Persuasion 2 Willpower 5/5
Resolve 2 Occult 1 Stealth 2 Socialize
+ Carousing
3 Memory 5
Stamina 3 Politics 1 Survival 0 Streetwise 0 Perception 6
Composure 3 Science 0 Weaponry 0 Subterfuge 0 Sanity 1/5
Eye for the Strange

Cost 2
By perusing evidence she can determine whether something comes from natural or supernatural origin. Roll Intelligence + Composure. With a success, the Storyteller must tell you if the scene has a supernatural cause and provide one piece of found information that confirms the answer. With an exceptional success, she must give you a bit of supernatural folklore that suggests what type of creature caused the problem. If the problem was mundane, an exceptional success gives an ongoing +2 to all rolls to investigate the event, due to her redoubled certainty in its natural causation.

Cost 2
Your character is a natural in the bar environment and can procure an open invitation wherever she wishes. Whereas most characters would require rolls to blend into social functions they don’t belong in, she doesn’t; she belongs. Rolls to identify her as an outsider suffer her Socialize as a penalty.
Striking Looks

Cost 2
Your character is stunning, alarming, commanding, repulsing, threatening, charming, or otherwise worthy of attention. Determine how your character looks and how people react to that. For one dot, your character gets a +1 bonus on any Social rolls that would be influenced by her looks. For two dots, the benefit increases to +2. Depending on the particulars, this might influence Expression, Intimidation, Persuasion, Subterfuge, or other rolls.
Drawback: Attention is a double-edged sword. Any rolls to spot, notice, or remember your character gain the same die bonus. Sometimes, your character will draw unwanted attention in social situations. This could cause further complications.

‘Looks:’ Charming
Interdisciplinary Specialty

Cost 2
1 + 1
Choose a Specialty that your character possesses when you purchase this Merit. You can apply the +1 from that Specialty on any Skill with at least one dot, provided it’s justifiable within the scope of the fiction. For example, a doctor with a Medicine Specialty in Anatomy may be able to use it when targeting a specific body part with Weaponry, but could not with a general strike.

‘Specialties:’ Acting; Carousing
Field Investigation Kit
Item Notes
Backpack Convenience!
LED Lantern/Flashlight Can’t investigate what you can’t see.
Hand-held digital camera Video evidence is important.
A couple extra SD cards Sometimes stuff gets corrupted.
Dremel set Because actual lock-picks require a license, but a portable lock-driller doesn’t.
Batteries / Chargers At least 1 replacement for each electronic device.
Denim jacket Gotta keep warm (and hide my flask).
8 oz flask Usually with some Whiskey or Bourbon (cause I’m classy like that).
Cinnamon Gum (2 packs) Fresh breath is important (and gotta bring enough to share).
Aspirin (1 bottle) Never know, bruh.
Snacks Some granola bars, trail mix, and capri sun (cause I’m classy like that, lol).
Taser a.k.a. Shithead repellent.
22 Baretta Last-resort persuasion tool. (no bullets)
2 Cup Container of Salt a.k.a Blob repellent.

Beth.png Born Karen Elizabeth Taylor, “Beth” was the older of two kids in a middle-class family from Katy. Beth was a good student until college, where frequent partying and drinking drew her off course. She graduated, but was arrested for a DUI shortly after. Following 50 hours of community service, 52 weeks mandatory AA meetings, and a 60 week license suspension, Beth thought she left that stage of her life behind.

Recovered, Beth started a career in sales in Houston. Meanwhile, her younger brother, Will, enlisted in the army, spent over a year in the Iraq, and came back changed. Will seemed to grow increasingly distant, until their parents died in a mysterious house fire. Will came to the house, helped arrange the funeral, then disappeared. Worried that Will needed help, Beth tried to visit him at home several times over the next week to no avail.

Beth spent the next two months investigating Will’s disappearance. She asked his neighbors, inquired with the VA system, and even tried to bribe travel agencies to give her access to their travel data. Everywhere she looked, Beth found increasly strange dead-ends. She found rumors of lizard creatures, other disappearances, molten lava in a parking lot, another parking lot turned to foam, and reports that faucets in Will’s neighborhood ran with blood instead of water one morning.

As her investigation continued, Beth became convinced that something happened to Will that science couldn’t explain. She started drinking again, at first just on week-ends. But one night out a week turned into two nights out a week, which turned into a beer every night after work, then a shot of whiskey in her coffee every morning, and finally a flask in her jacket pocket every day.

In Autumn 2015, more than two years after Will disappeared, Beth heard Gulf Coast Investigators was hiring paranormal investigators. She called in sick the next day and drove down to apply. She’s happier there, even if it doesn’t pay as much. Going out investigating makes it easy to hide her drinking, and the social nature of the work suits her gregarious personality.

Beth doesn’t hold out hope anymore that she’ll find out what happened to Will – after all it’s been years since he disappeared. But she does hope that over time she might be able to make sense of the mysteries she’s encountered, and in the mean time, hopefully she can make a difference in other people’s lives.

After what happened at the Fitzgerald Mansion on Halloween week-end 2016, Beth changed. For months she obsessed over news from Gamwell, hoping to find a clue about where ‘the ooze’ went so that she could finish it off. She started keeping an open measuring cup of salt on her bed-side table with a full 1/2 gallon bag as well. She drew a salt line around the edges of her apartment, and compulsively closes it every time she returns home.

Furthermore, Beth’s drinking got worse. She stopped hiding her problem, except from strangers, and made an effort to have regular drinking outings with fellow ‘ooze’ survivor, Gonzo. Beth also got a tattoo high on her left shoulder. She admits that she got it while drunk, and it’s a little silly, but it seemed like a good idea at the time.


When Derrick talked about forming a group that would take the fight to these sort of monsters, Beth couldn’t have been less excited, but she also couldn’t feel less obligated. She decided to put some of her inheritance towards it and started taking lessons at a near-by Mauy Thai studio, audited a negotiation class, and even bought a gun. She has no idea how to use the gun so she did the world a favor and didn’t buy any bullets, but she figures if the shit hits the fan it might be useful to be able to avoid the “fairy-tale monsters aren’t real” debate.

Beth couldn’t really consider walking away without getting nauseous. The things that go bump in the night probably killed her parents, probably killed her brother, and tried to kill her. It’s about time the world learns what’s really out there, and starts fighting back.

Beth Taylor

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